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Eclipse Vanilla Ice Cream image
Eclipse • Vanilla Ice Cream
Ice cream that tastes, looks, and feels like dairy ice cream.

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Mun May

Mun May

Vegan c. 2010. Designer. I'm attracted to what's minimal, good for me, and good for the environment. And of course, visually exciting.

San Francisco

I’ve tried Eclipse’s soft serve flavors and they were *indistinguishable* from dairy soft serve. So naturally, when they launched their ice cream pints, I was excited to put them through a more rigorous examination 🤓. I am not a vanilla flavor type of girl, so I have very limited experience with dairy vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed this with a root beer float because I have vivid memories of vanilla ice cream with it.. at least a decade ago.

I was very impressed by how easy it was to scoop. The texture is creamy and very silky. In the root beer float, I picked up an after taste that is not unpleasant. When enjoyed on its own, the flavor was great and the after taste is not as prominent.

Overall, I really enjoyed the texture and although I won’t be buying the vanilla flavor again (I never actually bought vanilla flavored of anything), I’m looking forward to trying other flavors. I reviewed the chocolate flavor here.