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Eclipse Vanilla Ice Cream image
Eclipse • Chocolate Ice Cream
Ice cream that tastes, looks, and feels like dairy ice cream.

What we think

Mun May

Mun May

Vegan c. 2010. Designer. I'm attracted to what's minimal, good for me, and good for the environment. And of course, visually exciting.

San Francisco

It is very unlike me to be buying plain flavored ice creams, but I’ve tried Eclipse’s soft serve flavors that were indistinguishable from the dairy counterparts. So at their ice cream pints debut, I was excited (fought) to -jump on the hype train-

I ate the chocolate ice cream on its own, occasionally mixed with the vanilla flavor version. The first impression was that it tasted like brownies. The texture is very silky and creamy. Silkier than a lot of ice creams that I’ve tasted in the past—dairy or not.

Very easy to scoop—this part was so impressive. The comfort in the texture was slightly addictive and it was not overly sweet. I will buy this ice cream again especially if Eclipse ever comes out with a strawberry flavored one. That would make my Neapolitan ice cream dream come true.