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Oatly Barista Milk image
Oatly • Barista Edition Oatmilk
For baristas. An alternative to dairy milk that creates foam worthy of latte art.

What we think

Mun May

Mun May

Vegan c. 2010. Designer. I'm attracted to what's minimal, good for me, and good for the environment. And of course visually exciting.

San Francisco

I discovered Oatly at Chicago’s Intelligentsia. I decided to be dangerous with the recommendation of oat milk in my latte.. by a barista with a handlebar mustache. This is the first Barista Edition that I purchased for this review and I just got done going through the box gracefully gifted to me by Björn.

The taste of the milk is neutral and complements my coffees and teas. I appreciate a good foam in my latte and although the Barista Edition is *the* creamiest I’ve tried and produces *the most* velvety foam, I will be sticking with the regular Oatly because I get more for the price.

The original one is already creamy and has impressive foam (though not as velvety). I also use it in hot/cold chocolate, London fog, and banana berry smoothie a.k.a. crack.